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– Programmable Web

Telerik Makes Framework for JavaScript Available via Open Source

In general, commercial software was historically perceived to be of higher quality than open source software. But a new report based on the scanning of 750 million lines of code by Coverity…

– ZDNet

Coverity finds open source software quality better than proprietary code

Coverity, a company specializing in software quality and security testing solutions, finds that open source programs tend to have fewer errors than proprietary programs…

– The VAR Guy

Coverity Scan: Open Source Code Is Better Quality

Critics of open source programming may use the OpenSSL “Heartbleed” disaster to claim otherwise, but a new report from Coverity says open source code now beats proprietary software in quality…

– Electronic Specifier

Open source quality overtakes proprietary code for first time

A report has found that open source code quality has surpassed proprietary code for the first time...

– The Inquirer

Open source code has fewer errors than proprietary code

Latest survey reveals paradigm shift…

– TechWeekEurope

Open Source Code Has Fewer Defects Than Proprietary Software

The discovery of the ‘Heartbleed’ bug, which was introduced into the OpenSSL protocol as a programming error, has led some to question the quality of open source code, but research suggests that the quality of today’s open source software is actually higher than that of some proprietary projects…

– Techworld

Open source trounces proprietary software for code defects, Coverity analysis finds

Forget the bad headlines generated by the Heartbleed flaw, when it comes to code defects open source is still well ahead of proprietary software, generating fewer coding defects for every size of project, according to a new analysis by scanning service Coverity…

– I Programmer

C# Guru – An Interview With Eric Lippert

If you know C# then the name Eric Lippert will be synonymous with clear explanations of difficult ideas and insights into the way languages work and are put together...

– UToday

Computer Science students program their way to $1,800 cash prize

Teamwork and problem-solving skills earn graduate students top spot in contest…

– Semiconductor Engineering

Synopsys-Coverity Deal Final

Synopsys’ acquisition of Coverity, which makes tools for testing and analyzing software, was made official yesterday. Now what? …

– San Francisco Business Times

Technology, health care intersect at Mission Bay

There is an abundance of creative companies emerging in the sustainable, 303-acre neighborhood known as Mission Bay…

– Security Week

High Demand Pushes Average Cyber Security Salary Over $93,000

Despite concerns over unemployment and the challenging job market, the IT job market has been fairly healthy, and demand for cyber-security professionals remained high in 2013, according to a new jobs study…

– MED engineering

Statische Analyse reduziert Risiken

Entwicklungsbegleitende SW-Tests senken Kosten…

– FierceITSecurity

Static analysis market anything but static

Enterprise software development fuels need for static analysis tools to find security holes, says VDC…

– SD Times

…But the bugs remain

Software teams are under pressure to deliver higher-quality software faster, but as high-profile failures and lackluster app ratings indicate, it’s easier said than done…

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Is this a run on static analysis?

The static analysis solutions market is one of the most dynamic segments VDC’s embedded software team currently tracks. While still a relatively young and evolving technology, static analysis has rapidly become a standard, perhaps even necessary, element of the software development lifecycle…

– Dev Pro

C# Code Writing Tips from Eric Lippert: Math is Hard; Let’s Go Shopping!

The way computers do arithmetic can be surprisingly different from how we were all taught in school. As a result, programs that do even simple-seeming arithmetic can result in software defects that range from merely embarrassing to extremely expensive…

– SemiWiki

6 reasons Synopsys covets C/C++ static analysis

Coverity and other purveyors of C/C++ static code analysis tools come from my happy place…

– Slashdot

Synopsys to Acquire Coverity for $375 Million

Synopsys (mainly a maker of software for silicon designers) are buying Coverity for $375m (maker of tools for software developers)…




– Silicon Valley Business Journal

Synopsys buys Coverity for $375M to improve software quality, security

The Mountain View company led by CEO Aart de Geus said it has used San Francisco-based Coverity’s products for 10 years…

– Reuters

Synopsys Inc enters software quality and security market with Coverity acquisition

Under the terms of the definitive agreement, it will pay about $375 million, or $350 million net of cash acquired…

– SemiWiki

Synopsys Acquires Coverity

This is an interesting acquisition since it isn’t really firmly in the EDA space…

– EE Journal

Synopsys Does… Software?

Synopsys has gone shopping again, and this time they went to a completely different mall. They came back with Coverity…

– San Francisco Business Times

Synopsys to buy Coverity for $375 million

The deal requires regulatory approval and has other typical closing conditions. The companies expect to wrap up the deal by the end of April…

– Electronics360

Synopsys to Buy Software Quality and Security Firm Coverity

The acquisition of Coverity, which spun out of Stanford University 10 years ago, will open up opportunities to increase penetration into the semiconductor and systems space and also enable Synopsys to enter a new, growing market geared toward enterprise IT and independent software providers…

– Security Week

Synopsys to Acquire Coverity for $375 Million

Under the terms of the agreement, Synopsys will pay approximately $375 million, or $350 million net of cash acquired…

– Computer Business Review

Alone on Valentine’s day? Well, you’ve always got…code…

As a developer you spend the majority of your working life with your code…




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– Forbes

How The Cloud Makes Businesses Like Snapchat Possible

Many of today’s most celebrated startup stories feature cloud computing as a major player…

– Think IT

Coverity、クラウドベースのオープンソース静的解析サービス「Coverity Scan」の2種類のインテグレーションを発表

米Coverity,Inc.は、クラウドベースのオープンソース静的解析サービス「Coverity Scan」の2種類のインテグレーションを発表した。この2つの新しいインテグレーションは、GitHubやTravis CIを利用しているオープンソースソフトウェアプロジェクトの開発者がCoverity Scanサービスを利用して、高品質でよりセキュリティの高いコードをより迅速に開発することを可能にする。

– SD Times

Code Intelligence: The Big Data we should be paying attention to

Today’s networks, websites, communications, apps and complex IT infrastructures are churning out massive amounts of data, so much so that there were 2.7 billion terabytes of digital content in 2012, according to IDC…

– eWeek

Coverity Adds GitHub, Travis CI Integrations, Updates Testing Platform

The new integrations will provide open-source software developers who are using GitHub and Travis CI with easier access to the Coverity Scan service, enabling them to create higher-quality, more secure code…

– Developer Tech

The Past, Present, and Future of C#

C# is a widely-used, mature, general-purpose programming language with millions of professional developers worldwide, but it was not always so…

– CodeZine

米Coverity、クラウドベースのオープンソース静的解析サービス「Coverity Scan」とGitHubやTravis CIとのインテグレーションを発表

米Coverityは、GitHubやTravis CIを利用しているオープンソース・ソフトウェア・プロジェクトの開発者が、クラウドベースのオープンソース静的解析サービス「Coverity Scan」を利用して、よりセキュリティの高いコードの迅速な開発を可能にする、2種類のインテグレーションを、3日(現地時間)に発表した。

– Harvard Business Review

Start-ups: Before You Launch Your Product, Start With a Service

Raising funding for startups in Silicon Valley is a low probability game. Fewer than 1% who try actually succeed…

– Network World

New products of the week 2.3.14

Coverity Development Testing Platform: Cloud Trial

– DevPro

The Past, Present, and Future of C#

Plus practical tips for writing manageable C# code…

– InfoQ

Coverity 7.0 with C#, Java, C, C++ Algorithms, SonarQube, Eclipse, VS and Clang Compiler Support

Coverity has released development testing platform 7.0 with 21 new and enhanced C# analysis algorithms with which accuracy of defect detection in C# codebases can be improved in addition to fixes for resource leaks, concurrency issues and null references…

– JavaWorld

Something to Consider as Java Tops the Programming Charts

For development teams, it may be obvious: Java is one of the top programming languages today…

– Tools Journal

News From The Static Code Analysis Tools Beat

Two important developments have taken place in the Static Code Analysis tools beat recently…

– Wired

The Rise of Automated Software Testing

In 2013, the issue of software defects was taken to the national stage with, the website intended to provide access to affordable healthcare insurance…

– Network World

Products of the week 1.13.14

The next generation of Coverity’s software-testing platform enables development organizations to create and deliver better software, faster. New features include enhanced code analysis capabilities for C#, Java and C/C++…


Coverity 7 vorgestellt

Das Unternehmen Coverity hat die neue Version 7 seiner Software zur Sicherung von Code-Qualität »Coverity Development Testing Platform« vorgestellt…


Coverity bringt Code-Analyse, Unit-Test und Codierungsrichtlinien zusammen

Die jetzt veröffentlichte Version 7.0 der Development Testing Platform deckt, kritische Qualitätsmängel schon während der Entwicklung des Codes auf…


Das Unternehmen Coverity hat die neue Version 7 seiner Software zur Sicherung von Code-Qualität »Coverity Development Testing Platform« vorgestellt.

Das US-Unternehmen Coverity hat sich vor allem bei Entwicklern von Open-Source-Software mit seiner alljährlich durchgeführten Untersuchung zur Code-Qualität freier Software »Coverity Report« einen Namen gemacht…

– VentureBeat

Do you know who’s writing your software? If you’re using open-source, probably not

Open-source software has one big flaw: While a company might have a team of developers, they don’t actually know who built their software…

– Programmable Web

Coverity Upgrades Application Testing Platform

Application testing has become both complicated and expensive, since multiple programming languages are often used in application construction…

– Windows Developer

Coverity Testing 7.0 mit neuer C#-Analyse-Engine

Die Coverity Development Testing Platform ermöglicht Code- und Unit-Test-Analysen sowie Policy Management für C#, C/C++ und Java. Aktuell ist Version 7.0 erschienen, mit der die C#-Analyse-Engine vollständig überarbeitet wurde…

– JAXenter

Testplattform Coverity 7.0 erweitert Analyse-Algorithmen

Die Coverity Development Testing Platform ist in Version 7.0 erschienen. Coverity ermöglicht Code- und Unit-Test-Analysen sowie Policy Management für Java, C# und C/C++…

– Heise Online

Coverity 7.0 mit besserer Unterstützung für C#, Java und C++

Coverity hat die Version 7.0 seiner Coverity Development Testing Platform, einer Software zur Sicherung der Qualität, vorgestellt…

– App Developer Magazine

Coverity Releases New Version of Enterprise Development Testing Platform

The platform enables testing for cloud, mobile and web-based application development in Enterprise IT organizations…

– Dr. Dobb's

Coverity Covers C/C++, Java, and C#

Version 7.0 combines code analysis, change-aware unit test analysis, and policy management


Coverity to boost security coding with latest testing platform

The new version 7.0 is an integrated offering that combines code analysis, change-aware unit test analysis and policy management across programming languages Java, C/C++ and C#, according to the company…

– Application Development Trends

Coverity Testing Platform Expands Java Web App Coverage, Revamps C# Analysis Engine

Coverity this week released a new version of its namesake software  development testing platform with expanded Java and C# testing capabilities and  17 new and enhanced analysis algorithms for Java and C/C++ codebases…

– Visual Studio Magazine

Testing Platform Update Includes Rewritten C# Engine

A former lead on Microsoft’s C# team has led a major rewrite  of the Coverity C# analysis engine, making it a much stronger software  development testing platform for Windows-focused coders…

– IT168


开发测试行业领导企业Coverity公司发布了 Coverity?开发测试平台7.0版本。这是该公司的新一代软件测试平台,能帮助开发团队更迅速地开发并交付高质量软件。

– 赛迪



– CodeZine

米コベリティ、ソフトウェアテストプラットフォーム「Coverity Development Testing Platform 7.0」を出荷開始

「Coverity Development Testing Platform 7.0」は、業界初のエンタープライズ規模のソリューションで、C/C++、Java、C#のコード解析、変更を考慮したユニットテスト解析、ポリシーマネージメントで構成している。

– SD Times

Coverity unveils new version of Development Testing Platform

Coverity, Inc., the leader in development testing, today announced the availability of the Coverity Development Testing Platform 7.0, the next-generation of its software testing platform that enables development organizations to create and deliver better software, faster…

– Develop

Development Testing Platform Coverity7 Released

Updated software adds enhanced Java, C# and C/C++ analysis…

– IT专家网


Coverity公司发布了 Coverity®开发测试平台7.0版本。这是该公司的新一代软件测试平台,能帮助开发团队更迅速地开发并交付高质量软件。