Coverity Software Testing Platform

The Coverity Software Testing Platform empowers organizations to build quality and security testing into the development process at the earliest stage for fast, resilient and predictable software delivery.

  • Code Advisor

    The industry’s leading static analysis product. Find and fix critical quality and security defects, including OWASP Top 10 and CWE 25.

  • Code Advisor
    On Demand (beta)

    Coverity’s cloud-hosted static analysis solution. Get the same award-winning analysis including OWASP Top 10 and CWE 25. Java only and free during the beta period.

  • Coverity Scan
    for Open Source

    Coverity’s free static analysis solution for open source community. Join already registered or observe your favorite open source projects.

  • Test Advisor

    Manage and improve the efficiency of automated testing by focusing on the most critical parts of your code.

  • Test Advisor

    Prioritize manual and automated tests based on change impact. Shrink application testing cycles without increasing the risk.

  • Professional

    Augment your organization’s development and testing processes to find critical quality and security issues as code is being written.

Coverity® Quality Advisor 7.5
Coverity Quality Advisor is part of the Coverity Software Testing Platform, which empowers developers to build testing into the development process at the earliest stage. It surfaces quality defects in the developer workflow, with accuracy and actionable remediation guidance. By identifying critical quality defects during development, you can reduce risk and lower overall project cost. This code intelligence helps developers write better software by providing visibility into what defects need to be addressed, where to find them and how to fix them. Now issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently, before the code even makes its way to QA. For more information, read the Coverity Quality Advisor data sheet.

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