Coverity Policy Manager

Coverity® Policy Manager helps you drive the adoption of development testing across your organization. It provides visibility into critical issues so they can be addressed early in the development lifecycle and easily tracked through to resolution, so you can make better decisions and increase release predictability.

  • Define consistent quality, security and testing policies and standards across your organization with meaningful metrics.
  • Monitor your projects and teams against these standards over time.
  • Pinpoint areas of risk so you know where to focus your efforts.
  • Drill down into development hot spots and allocate resources appropriately to avoid costly delays
  • Easily customize the views to monitor what is most relevant to your organization

Coverity Policy Manager gives you visibility into which teams, projects or components are compliant with your policies and can create measurable stage gates based on criteria you define regarding defects and testing. The configurable views allow you to select the development metrics and thresholds that align to your objectives, with flexibility to modify them throughout the course of your project. It provides the code intelligence you need to make informed decisions and improve the predictability of releases.


Coverity Policy Manager allows you to select the development metrics and thresholds that align to your objectives, with the flexibility to modify them throughout the course of your project.

Monitor code quality and security with out-of-the-box metrics such as defect density, outstanding and resolved issue counts, outstanding defects by impact and many others. Keep tabs on test effectiveness with metrics on test policy coverage, outstanding test policy violations and more.

Monitor the current state of quality and security, and track trends over time. Watch your defect density decrease as development testing adoption increases, with metrics that show trends in daily or monthly unique users, daily commits, issues introduced, issues resolved and other key information.

Common Usage

Reduce Time to Market

Development testing identifies issues earlier in the process, and the Coverity platform provides the code intelligence needed to transform the massive amount of code being written into meaningful and actionable information. Coverity Policy Manager gives you the early visibility into these issues while they are still in development, when they take a fraction of the time and cost to fix. Monitor critical issues, either newly identified or still outstanding, as a project nears its release deadline. Drill down into development hot spots and allocate resources appropriately to fix open issues and avoid costly schedule delays.

Increase Development Testing Adoption and ROI

Monitor the adoption of development testing throughout your organization and its impact on quality, security and testing over time. Ensure new defects are being reviewed and resolved in an appropriate amount of time. Track usage of development testing across teams and projects. Assess your return on investment with early visibility into whether issues are being addressed in a timely manner.

Mitigate Risk

Development testing reduces the risk of costly and brand damaging software failures and security breaches. Coverity Policy Manager provides you with a visual representation of the areas of risk across your projects and teams. You can easily filter critical security-related issues to track and report on OWASP Top 10 and PCI compliance, as well as create custom compliance views. As a Development Manager or an Application Owner, you can view a hierarchical heat map that is tailored specifically to the needs of your organization. You can establish a stage gate to ensure that the product is not promoted to the next phase of the lifecycle unless all identified issues have been inspected, critical quality and security defects addressed, and critical code covered by an automated test.


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