Coverity SDLC Integrations

The Coverity® Software Testing Platform provides seamless bi-directional integration with existing lifecycle tools to make software testing a natural part of the SDLC process.

SDLC integrations include market-leading IDEs, source control management, test coverage, bug tracking, build and continuous integration, and application lifecycle management solutions.


Desktop Analysis

Surface and remediate defects from within the Eclipse, Visual Studio, ARM Design Studio, IBM Rational Team Concert or Wind River Workbench IDE. Developers can clean their code prior to checking it into a centralized build system–while the code is fresh in their mind and easiest to fix. Defects that are identified through the central build can also be easily remediated from within the IDE.

Incremental Analysis

Quickly verify code changes prior to check-in by only analyzing the code which has changed or been impacted by a change, instead of the entire codebase.

Code Coverage &
Test Automation

Coverity integrates with leading code coverage and test automation tools to capture unit testing coverage data, which is incorporated into Coverity Test Advisor to identify code not sufficiently covered by unit tests.

Coverity supports the following code coverage tools:

  • C/C++: BullseyeCoverage, Gcov
  • Java: Coverity provides instrumentation for Java out-of-the-box
  • C#: Coverity provides instrumentation for C# out-of-the-box

Coverity supports the following test automation and execution frameworks:

  • C/C++: any scripted test execution on the build host
  • Java: Junit, TestNG
  • C#: NUnit, xUnit, MSTest

Build/CI, SCM
& Bug Tracking

Make development testing a part of your overall lifecycle through integration with leading build, continuous integration, SCM and bug tracking systems.

Jenkins Plug-in

Coverity provides out-of-the box integration with Jenkins Continuous Integration Server to automatically apply a continuous process for software quality and security as part of an Agile process.

Build Server/CI Server

Run Coverity as part of a nightly or continuous build process.

Integrations include:
Anthill, Bamboo, BuildForge, Buildr, Ccache, Clearmake, CruiseControl, Distcc, FinalBuilder, Icecream, Incredibuild and Visual BuildPro, VSBuild.


Automatically assign issues to the change owner and incorporate change history data into Test Advisor to identify code not sufficiently covered by unit tests.

Integrations include:
Accurev, ClearCase, CVS, Git, Perforce, Subversion (SVN), Mercurial, MKS Integrity, Visual Source Safe, Visual Studio Team System, Microsoft Team Foundation Server.

Bug Tracking

Integrate Coverity defects into the overall defect management system of record.

Integrations include:
Accuwork, Bugzilla, ClearQuest, CM Synergy, JIRA, Mantis, MKS Integrity, Quality Center, SourceForge Enterprise Edition (Collabnet), Remedy, Serena TeamTrack, Trac.


The Coverity platform integrates with market-leading ALM solutions including IBM Rational, HP ALM and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.

  • Accelerate Time-to-Market: Surfaces quality and security issues in the developer workflow with accuracy and actionable remediation guidance, so developers can troubleshoot and fix defects and untested code violations before code makes its way to QA, reducing time spent on rework and shrinking the QA cycle.
  • Increase Team Productivity and Collaboration: Enables developers, architects, project managers, QA and security teams to work together more effectively through a common definition of quality and security, a unified workflow and shared visibility into development related issues.
  • Integrate into Your Existing Process: Surfaces defects identified by the Coverity platform within your existing ALM workflow, providing seamless bi-directional integration to make development testing a natural part of an Agile or traditional development process.

Ready for IBM Rational software validation enables customers to seamlessly incorporate development testing into their ALM workflow and gain a new level of visibility into code quality and security early in development. Coverity Quality Advisor, Coverity Security Advisor and Coverity Test Advisor have been validated for IBM Rational, including support for IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC). Through this integration, quality and security issues identified by Coverity solutions are surfaced within RTC, providing a unified workflow for a new level of collaboration.