Coverity Development Testing & IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management

Improve team collaboration for higher code quality and more transparent, predictive software delivery

Coverity Quality Advisor, Coverity Security Advisor and Coverity Test Advisor have been validated Ready for IBM Rational, including support for IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC). Through this integration, Coverity platform-identified quality and security issues are surfaced within RTC, providing a unified workflow for a new level of collaboration. This combined solution integrates the industry’s most accurate and widely adopted development testing platform into the industry-standard platform for collaborative change management and application lifecycle management (ALM).

Seamlessly incorporate development testing into the ALM workflow and gain a new level of visibility into code quality and security early in development—as the code is being written. The integrated solution helps mitigate rework and enables developers to focus their time and resources on high-risk code and fixing critical defects. The result: reduced risk of application quality and security issues in production, without increasing development or Quality Assurance (QA) time, cost or agility.

Key Benefits

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Surfaces quality and security issues in the developer workflow, with accuracy and actionable remediation guidance so developers can troubleshoot and fix defects and untested code violations before code makes its way to QA, reducing time spent on rework and shrinking the QA cycle.

Increase Team Productivity and Collaboration

Enables developers, architects, project managers and QA to work together more effectively through a common definition of quality and security, a unified workflow and shared visibility into development related issues.

Seamless Integration into Existing Process

Surfaces Coverity platform-identified defects within the existing IBM Rational ALM workflow, providing seamless bi-directional integration to make development testing a natural part of an Agile or traditional development process.

More Information

Coverity Quality Advisor

Analyze and remediate hard to spot quality defects as code is written.

Coverity Security Advisor

Enable developers to troubleshoot and fix the security defects that matter quickly and efficiently, without requiring deep security expertise.

Coverity Test Advisor

Improve the efficiency of unit testing by focusing developer time and resources on the most critical parts of the code.

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