Coverity Test Advisor – QA

Coverity® Test Advisor – QA Edition helps Quality Assurance teams improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their manual and automated testing efforts for .NET and Java applications by prioritizing testing based on business risk and change impact.

  • Prioritize automated and manual tests to run using data gathered at each phase in the development lifecycle
  • Reduce risks by exposing gaps in your test coverage where regressions can occur
  • Optimize testing efforts by understanding what’s already been tested and what still needs to be tested

The result:

  • Decreased time to market by shrinking testing cycles without increasing risk
  • Increased product quality by stopping regressions and preventing new failures with proper test coverage
  • Better decision making by understanding which tests must be run to minimize time to market and what should be run to minimize risk

Test Coverage

Test Coverage Scoring

Focus your manual and automated testing efforts where they will make the biggest contribution. Based on captured test footprints, the Coverity Test Advisor – QA Edition analyzes your application and allocates a score to each test according to how it covers code changes. Testing time is reduced as you focus only on those tests which are impacted by the changes made in the application.

Test Coverage Visualization

Visualize overall test coverage. The solution aggregates test footprints from every stage of the development and testing cycle. Whenever a manual or automated test is executed, the test footprint is captured, maintaining a precise and up to date view of application test coverage.

Regression Risk Assessment

Automatically assess all regression risks due to changes between releases, and identify relevant tests to be executed to deliver quickly but with full confidence.

Change Impact Simulation

Simulate the impact of potential changes on your test plans. Assess the risks and testing effort so you can plan accordingly and deliver on time.

Test Tool

The Coverity Test Advisor – QA Edition integrates with market-leading testing solutions including:

  • HP Application Lifecycle Management / HP Quality Center Enterprise
  • HP Unified Functional Testing (formerly QuickTest Professional)
  • JIRA
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Apache Maven
  • Selenium
  • TestLink
  • SmartBear TestComplete
  • Referty ReferTest
  • xUnit
  • Junit
  • XQual XStudio
  • SmartBear SoapUI

Flexible and Transparent Tools

The Coverity Test Advisor – QA Edition silently monitors your .NET, Java and web applications in their existing runtime environments. The recording agent monitors your application while it is running and writes its logs using debug information found in the binary.

Secure in
the Cloud

The Coverity Test Advisor – QA Edition recording agent does not transmit source code to the cloud. It only transmits information about the source code, such as class and method names. The data used in your tests is secure as well, as the information used in your tests is not needed for analysis. If you run tests using private data, rest assured your data will remain private.