Coverity Technical Support

Support and Maintenance Programs

Coverity is committed to our customer’s success. We lead the industry in investment in both Research and Development and Support Services for development testing, so that we may provide our customers with continuous innovation and the highest levels of support.

Coverity offers Standard Support from 7am to 6pm local time for San Francisco, London and Japan. This enables us to “follow the sun” for Priority 1 incidents 24 hours a day, five days a week. Priority 2 and 3 incidents are handled during local business hours in each locale.

We offer our customers online and self-help support in addition to online case tracking tools for case submission, monitoring and updating. A developer community and online knowledge base enables our customers to look up their own answers and post questions to their peers.


Additional Programs

Designated Support Engineer (DSE) Program

DSE programs allow a customer to utilize up to 15 hours per week of a named support engineer. This engineer becomes an integral part of the customer’s deployment team and offers guidance, planning and hands-on support during those hours. A DSE can only be assigned to a maximum of 3 DSE contracts to ensure continuity and essential access to his or her resources.