Verification Services Overview

Coverity Verification Services are designed to help you assure the quality of the code created outside of your organization and to help you address external quality and security mandates and coding standards.

Coverity Supply Chain Audit Service

According to a Forrester Consulting study , nearly everyone uses some form of third party code in their software and that software isn’t tested with the same level of rigor as internally produced code. The Coverity Supply Chain Audit Service is designed to give you visibility into the state of quality and security of your suppliers’ code. Our consultants will come on-site to your suppliers’ locations, analyze their code for quality and security defects and prepare a detailed report of the findings.

Mergers and Acquisition Due Diligence Audit Service

According to Forbes, 70% of acquisitions fail. To protect against this, organizations must ensure they do the appropriate due diligence. Part of this process is to ensure the quality and security of the code which is critical in technology-focused acquisitions. The Coverity M&A Audit Service gives you critical visibility into the quality and security of the code you are considering purchasing. Our consultants will give you a detailed report on the types of defects present, defect density and complexity of the code.

Coverity Security Service

The OWASP Top 10 and CWE Top 25 represent the most prevalent and highest impact security flaws. These issues often occur in Java web applications. With the Coverity Security Service, our experts will work with you to create a tailored solution to help you address the top OWASP and CWE issues that impact Java web applications. We will help you address critical injection and cross site scripting issues with the Coverity Development Testing Platform and we’ll utilize best of breed technologies such as NT OBJECTives (NTO) Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution to help protect you from the risk of a security exploit and improve the collaboration between your development and security teams.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Product Implementation Validation Service

Static code analysis is recognized by the FDA as an important technique for verifying the correctness of software, especially in the area of medical devices. For static analysis to deliver on its full potential, it must be deployed and operated properly within an organization’s environment. With the Coverity FDA Product Implementation Validation Service, a trained Coverity expert will perform an on-site audit to validate correct installation and operation of Coverity Quality Advisor and the Coverity SAVE static analysis verification engine. A Coverity engineer will prepare a validation report which can be submitted to the FDA.

MISRA Service

Organizations across a wide variety of industries and applications including automotive, rail, aerospace, military and medical sectors incorporate MISRA guidelines as part of their development testing efforts. The Coverity MISRA Service can help you address this requirement. Our professionals can help you address coding standard issues and enforce MISRA C and MISRA C++ rules with our development testing platform. We’ll work with your team to ensure the platform is integrated into your environment and processes using the Development Testing Maturity Model as our guide.