Find critical defects in your code.

To err is human. Fortunately, our code analysis works tirelessly to examine every line of code you write. Our advanced static analysis algorithms are carefully crafted to detect critical defects specific to each programming language. So you can spend less time chasing bugs and more time developing great software.

Code with Confidence.

Defects We Find Include

  • badge-crashesCrashes
  • badge-securitySecurity Vulnerabilities
  • badge-concurrencyConcurrency
  • badge-memory_corruptionMemory Corruption
  • badge-uninitialized_memoryUninitialized memory
  • badge-error_handlingError handling
  • badge-resource_leaksResource leaks

Languages We Support

  • C/C++
  • Java
  • C#
  • JavaScript
  • Objective-C

More hits. Fewer misses.

Highly accurate analysis leads to fewer false positives, which helps real issues rise to your attention. And with less effort wasted weeding out noise, more defects get fixed.



Eats megaLOCs for lunch.

Have millions of lines of code? No problem. Our analysis algorithms are inherently scalable and parallelizable. Because analysis times should fit into your workflow, not the other way around.

Dig deeper into your code.

Your features cross function and file boundaries. Your analysis should too. Interprocedural analysis traces function call chains across your entire application with no stack depth limit. This deep analysis enables detection of remarkably complex interactions between components.


Light the path forward.

You can’t fix a defect you don’t understand. Our path highlighter illuminates every line of code and every branch on defective code paths. Precise event messages show exactly how execution can go wrong. Because understanding a defect is the most important step towards setting things right.

Divide and conquer.

We give you everything you need to triage findings, persist classifications and collaborate effectively with other developers. So you can divide the effort of improving your software and conquer your quality and security goals collectively. Coverity Connect provides a defect knowledge base so you can fix defects quickly and share information with other developers working on shared code.

Be clean before check-in.

You can find and fix bugs without leaving your IDE. Fast desktop analysis incrementally analyzes smaller changes in a fraction of the time. So your code can always be clean before check-in.

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It works while you sleep.


No test cases, no test farms, no scaffolding. With nightly build or continuous integration, every change to your code is scrutinized thoroughly and automatically. It works while you sleep – so you can sleep easy.