Test Faster.

Test Smarter.

Time to market is everything. But so is the quality and security of your application. Software testing should help – not hinder. That’s where we come in. By prioritizing both your manual and automated tests based on business risk and change impact, we enable you to shrink the testing cycles of your Java and .NET applications without increasing the risk.

Improve Test Efficiency

A whole lot of tests are conducted by all kinds of people, across the entire lifecycle of your application. Which means these tests may overlap or, even worse, end up looking like Swiss cheese (aka full of holes!). We capture your test footprint so you know what has been tested already, discover untested changes where the risks of failures and regression are high, and know how to fill these holes.

Eliminate the gaps.

Increase your testing agility.

Badge - Eliminate Regression Risk

regression risk.

A simple bug fix can introduce significant regression risk. Automatically assess these risks while identifying the relevant tests to deliver your software quickly and with confidence.

Badge - Know when you're done.

Know when
you’re done.

Want to make sure all code changes are tested before they reach your customers? Our test coverage intelligence enables you to ensure your most relevant test are executed before the code is promoted to production.


Badge - Composite apps?  No problem.

Composite apps?
No problem.

Think composite applications are difficult to test? Not anymore… Whenever a change is detected on one part of your system, we identify all the relevant test cases – even if they are initiated from other subsystems.

Make a plan.

Simulate the impact of potential changes on your test plans. Assess the risks and testing effort so you can plan accordingly and deliver on time.